Putting On the Dog: TSP Celebrates 5

Putting On the Dog: TSP Celebrates 5
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The Smoking Poet’s Fifth Anniversary Celebratory Authors’ Reading


Can it be? Has our little cigar pup grown up to a be a big healthy dog, cigar firmly in muzzle, cap pulled low? Swaggering on all fours and reciting fine poetry between puffs of fiction?

It can and it is: The Smoking Poet will be celebrating our fifth anniversary in 2011. Preparations are already under way. What better way to celebrate but to gather together some of our best and brightest and smokiest!

It’s the lounge you imagined—dusky and dim, with velvety chocolate brown couches between gold-threaded veils hanging from a high ceiling, candlelight flickering in a wine glass or a scotch glass, jazz playing in the shadows, and one great writer after another taking the mike to read words to float you away on a dream.


Come join us. The first part of the evening will be a line-up of writers from the past five years of The Smoking Poet issues. After the authors read, a step-up-to-the-mic will be available for anyone in the audience who would like to read, too. 

If you simply want to witness The Smoking Poet come to life off the page, come sit with us, sip a little, nibble a bit, relax and enjoy the good words and music.

The Wine Loft

161 East Michigan Ave.

Kalamazoo, Michigan



A selection of books by authors you’ve enjoyed reading in TSP will be available for purchase by Dean Hauck of Michigan News Agency

Put on the dog! Come celebrate the Big Five with The Smoking Poet.


Sponsored by Friends of Poetry, Inc., and The Wine Loft - with special thanks to Amy Newday, Lynn Pattison, and Erica Vitkin.

Our pup on The Wine Loft's doors: Welcome!

Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 7 p.m.

TSP Authors Reading at The Wine Loft

Zinta Aistars

Rick Chambers

Michael Loyd Gray

Gail Griffin

Hedy Habra

Kathy Jennings

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Colleen Kolhoff Little

Kate Lutes

Lori A. May

Amy Newday

Cheryl Peck

Elaine Seaman

Diane Seuss



Watch for an update on this page about the event, with photos, following April 28 ....



The Smoking Poet has celebrated stogies and stanzas for five years


Mark Wedel | Special to the Kalamazoo Gazette

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