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"November Sky" by Linda Rzoska

The Smoking Poet current issue is #26. The Smoking Poet was launched in 2006.


Previous feature authors and artists have included Aberjhani, Jeff Abshear, Sherry Ackerman, Viestarts Aistars, Katie Alvord, Shaindel Beers, Eleanor Bennett, Olga Bonfiglio, Traci Brimhall, Kate Buckley, Derick Burleson, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Rick Chambers, Kurt Cobb, Tish Cohen, William Doreski, Michael Dunn, Stuart Dybek, Pamela Erens, Judith Fein, Holly Friesen, Ed Gray (jikiwe), Michael Loyd Gray, Gail Griffin, Mariela Griffor, Hedy Habra, Ladislav Hanka, Deborah Henry, Jeanne Hess, Conrad Hilberry, Ingrid Hill, Juris Jurjevics, Laura Kasischke, Jen Knox, Kip Kreiling, Dorianne Laux, Paul Levinson, Margo McCafferty, Daiva Markelis, Lori A. May, Sue Miller, Agate Nesaule, Nicolette Hahn Niman, Harry Owen, Marge Piercy, David Poyer, Ed Rode, Jothy Rosenberg, Russell Rowland, Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya, Tom Rudd, Sniedze Rungis, James Sanford, Laimdota Sele, David Small, W.D. Chandler Smith, Dominic Smith, Brent Spink, t. kilgore splake, Joannie Stangeland, Lynn Stegner, Diane Seuss, Marjory Heath Wentworth, Lori Williams, and a long, lustrous list of talented writers and poets.


To access an archived issue, click on ISSUE, not individual contributor, then use the table of contents within that issue. Not all issues are archived.


The Smoking Poet Fall/Winter 2012-2013, Issue #23



The SMOKING POET Summer 2010 - Issue #15


Ali Abdolrezaei

Christopher Allen

Carol Berg

Olga Bonfiglio

Derick Burleson

Mary Christine Delea

R J Dent

Dave Donelson

Roger Real Drouin

Deborah Henry

Jennifer Howard

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Marian Kilcoyne

Kip Kreiling

Greg Kosmicki

David W. Landrum

Jeanette Lee

Susan Milchman

Sergio Ortiz

Mick Parsons

Lynn Pattison

M.P. Powers

JP Reese

Ron Reikki

Selva Rolin

Sniedze Rungis

Rebecca Schumejda

Elaine M. Seaman

Andris Silis

David Small

Lydia Suarez

Amy Totsch

James Valvis

Cynthia Wilson


The Smoking Poet Spring 2010-- Issue #14

Gary D Aker

Grace Andreacchi

Ronda Broatch

James Cihlar

Cameron Conaway

Jewel Beth Davis

Tanya DeBuff

Elyse Draper

Michael Dunn

John M. Edwards

Terri Kirby Erickson

Ricky Garni

Maryte Gurekas

Micah Dean Hicks

Conrad Hilberry

Nigel Holt

Ray Marsocci

Lori A. May

Denrele Ogunwa

Scott Owens

Janice Pariat

Jerry Peterson

Marge Piercy

Annette Rasmussen

Jothy Rosenberg

Barnali Saha

Birute Putrius Serota

Hal Shows

Judith Skillman

Kim Teeple

A.K. Thompson

Robert W. Walker

Margaret Walther

Changming Yuan

Rich Baiocco

David Blaine

Andrew Haley

Caleb J. Ross

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